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R.E. Martin is all about giving companies and people in Virginia peace of mind. We are here to give the environment the beauty your eyes deserve to see. To do this, we help you prune the trees in your surroundings so you can have a pleasurable and calming view.

We’ve also been clearing lands in the state of Virginia since 1987. So, you can confidently say we have the experience necessary to exceed expectations. We recycle all wood materials from our clearing and doing our part to make the environment a better place. So, you are contributing to a better environment when you hire us. We also save you from stress by clearing snows for you. So, reach out to us to book our services.

Phone: (703) 830-5500

Email: remartintree@aol.com

Address: Catharpin, VA 20143


Mon-Fri: 7 AM- 3:30 PM

Sat-Sun: Closed

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If you need land cleared to support your project, we can help with that, too. We have the tools and experience necessary to remove unwanted trees and debris from your property quickly.

Prepare for the winter weather and establish a snow removal contract today. We provide snow removal services for businesses, management companies, builders, and homeowners.

Trade: Landscape Service Contracting (LSC)
License #: 2705027150
Expiration: 01-31-2021

Trade: Class B Contractor
License #: 2705027150
Expiration: 01-31-2021

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