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Looking for Tree Trimming and Pruning Services Near Clifton, VA?

R.E. Martin Tree Specialists offer expert tree trimming and pruning services to Clifton, VA, and the surrounding areas. Our services can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and improve the health of your trees. Tree trimming is a service typically applied to shrubs and hedges. Trimming shapes vegetation for a clean and elegant look. It also stops overgrown shrubs, bushes, and hedges from obstructing walkways, windows, etc. Our tree pruning service, on the other hand, is used to improve the health of the tree and extend its lifespan. Pruning refers to the removal of dead, infected, or broken limbs from the canopy, which afterward allows the rest of the tree to flourish. Pruning is always best left up to experts because it often involves the removal of branches from great heights. With us, you can be assured that your job will be handled safely and efficiently. If you are looking for a reliable local tree trimmer or tree pruning service, contact R.E. Martin Tree Specialists.

Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers and we offer free estimates on all potential projects. Call today in order to request a quote or schedule your service. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Schedule tree trimming if you are in or around the following areas:

  • Clifton, VA
  • Catharpin, VA
  • Fairfax, VA
  • McLean, VA

Call Today to Schedule Our Tree Trimmer Service

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We offer Northern Virginia’s most reliable and cost-effective tree trimming and pruning services. Regular tree maintenance keeps your property looking clean and attractive year-round. R.E. Martin Tree Specialists can shape your shrubs, bushes, hedges, and trees for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Are your trees or shrubs overgrown, crowding each other, obscuring views, obstructing walkways, or creating a nuisance by dropping leaves in inconvenient areas? Let us beautify your property so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces safely and comfortably. Simply give us a call to schedule a service or request an estimate.

We are an Experienced Local Tree Trimmer Company

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Are you looking for a qualified local tree trimmer to take proper care of the trees and shrubs on your residential or commercial property? R.E. Martin Tree Specialists is a family-owned business that has been serving the Clifton, VA area since 1987. We have built a reputation for high-quality services, honest pricing, and exceptional care for our customers. When the time comes, let us handle your tree trimming and pruning needs; we guarantee your satisfaction.

Why Hire a Tree Pruning Service?

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Our tree pruning service offers a way for you to promote the health and natural growth of your property’s trees.

What are the benefits of R.E. Martin Tree Specialists’ tree pruning service?

  • Stop trees from decaying prematurely: A diseased branch can spread illness throughout the entire tree and cause it to die if it is not removed.
  • Prevent insects from damaging the tree: A dead branch will attract wood-destroying insects, which will then move on to the rest of the tree if the branch isn’t removed.
  • Allow for more healthy growth: When the canopy of a tree is too dense, it restricts airflow and sunlight for much of the tree. Pruning can thin out the canopy so that the rest of the tree can thrive and avoid disease.
  • Improve the shape of the tree: Pruning can influence the shape in which a tree grows. We can help your trees maintain a natural shape and prevent them from growing in unwanted directions with our tree trimming and pruning services.

Free Estimates

Any Questions or Project Details?

If you need land cleared to support your project, we can help with that, too. We have the tools and experience necessary to remove unwanted trees and debris from your property quickly.

Prepare for the winter weather and establish a snow removal contract today. We provide snow removal services for businesses, management companies, builders, and homeowners.

Trade: Landscape Service Contracting (LSC)
License #: 2705027150
Expiration: 01-31-2021

Trade: Class B Contractor
License #: 2705027150
Expiration: 01-31-2021

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